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Melih Bayram Dede employeed as Editor in Yeni Safak daily newspaper. Presently, he reports latest news about information technologies, edits the Information Technology Pages published on weekly.

Melih Bayram Dede employeed since 20 November 1995 in Yeni Safak and formerly worked as Broadcast (TV) Pages editor and wrote critics about TV in same newspaper. His articles published in “Thought Daily” and “Culture” pages about various themes. He wrote book and magazine reviews.

Dede writes for monthly Egitim Bilim Magazine, presently. Also he published Technology titled articles in “Editör”, “Besinci Hafta”, “Moral Dunyasi” and “Kitap Haber” magazines, formerly.

Dede edits and publishes a literary web site named “Dergibi” since January 1999. Dergibi awarded in “Electronical Publishing” branch by “Writers Union of Turkey” in 2001.

Dede is a IT Correspondents Association member and has a book named “Internet” published by Insan Publications.

Dede still studies Economy, in Anadolu University, Faculty of Economic Science and works on his second book “ENTER Komutanım”.

Melih Bayram Dede joined to second period of “Informative Press School Seminar” organized cooperatively by “Turkey Information Foundation” and “IT Correspondents Association”.

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